Friends: 7 things the trailer reveals about the reunion

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Friends: 7 things the trailer reveals about the reunion

Post by geemong » 21 May 2021 10:48

Friends: 7 things the trailer reveals about the reunion


Seventeen years after Friends drew to สมัครสล็อต a close, we're finally about to see The One We've Been Waiting For.

HBO Max have released the first trailer for the highly anticipated reunion, which will see all six principal cast members return. But rather than filming a new episode of Friends, the actors have come together for an unscripted special to reminisce about their time on the show.

It hasn't yet been revealed where the reunion will be broadcast in the UK, but expect an announcement in the coming days. Sky, which also owns streaming service Now, is reportedly the front-runner.

The show was due to air this time last year but was delayed because of you-know-what. David Schwimmer, however, said the gap had made the reunion more meaningful for the six stars. "It turned out to be something really special for the fans. I think it's going to lift a lot of people's spirits," he said on Thursday. "It lifted mine," added Matt LeBlanc.

A teaser trailer was released last week, but it featured no dialogue or clips and was just made up of a lingering shot of the six actors with their backs turned to the camera, as an instrumental I'll Be There For You played in the background.

Fortunately, we've now got the first proper trailer, and we're relieved to say it looks extremely promising.

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